Life and History of Dominican President Danilo Medina

The current President of the Dominican Republic is Danilo Medina Sanchez. Since the age of 18 has taken many leadership roles and he began at a student level. He began this role in 2012. He began serving as the Secretary of State to the President in 1996 and periodically through 2006. He is a member of the Dominican Liberation Party. His entire life formed him to become President of the Dominican Republic.

Life Before Becoming The President

He began life in Arroyo Cano, in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. His parents were Juan Pablo Medina and Amelia Sánchez. He is the eldest of eight brothers. At the age of 18 founded the San Juan de la Maguana branch of the Frente Revolucionario Estuniantil Nacionalistsra at the UASD. He then joined Professor Juan Bosch, who founded Partido de la Liveracion Dominicana in 1973. He was a student at Instituto Tecnologico Santa Domingo. He graduated magna cum laude in 1984 with degree in economics. In 1986 was elected deputy to Congress of the Central Committee of the PLD. He met and married Candida Montilla. They share three daughters. He is the only President descended from a Founding Father.

His Life As President

Elected in 2012, Medina retained a high approval rate with the public. Splitting ties with Goldcorp Inc and Barrick Gold Corp. was a highlight during his tenure as President. He lowered government spending was a president who prided himself for networking with all levels of his people. In 2014 he reduced the deficit and implemented educational labor law reform that included job creation and took many anticorruption measures.

There has been negativity throughout his term over his choices for immigration control as he rescinded the citizenship of those born to Haitian immigrants. A scandal initiated by Genove Gneco, coordinating professor for the office against plagiarism claiming the thesis of the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. The allegations could not be proven and lead to the professor being removed from his position.

Life After Being President

In 2015 Medina announced that he would not run for another term as president. While christening the beginning of a major dam project he stated that he had no interest in another term as President. All he ask in return is respect of the people of his home. He wishes to bring his family back to their hometown and live as an ordinary citizen. He hopes that his people will focus on the good he did during his time as their leader and will continue the plan for greatness.

As with any elected official returning to civilian life, he wishes to live in peace and harmony. He will enjoy living back in his hometown in the southwest San Juan Province with his wife, Candida Montilla and daughters, Sibeli, Vanessa and Ana Paula. No doubt he will enjoy starting a new chapter in his life after being President of the Dominican Republic.