Life and History of Dominican President Eladio Victoria

Eladio Victoria

The presidency is a position of prestige and power, no matter the country. Historians dedicate their entire careers to figuring out the most minute details of these political leaders lives. It seems as though that position of power is under the watchful, inspecting eye of of record keepers and researchers. Is it posssible that there is little to be known about a man who was president during his country’s civil war? Meet Eladio Victoria.

Life Before President
Truth be told, there isn’t a lot to know about this former president of the Dominican Republic . Either before or after his brief term. His personal and family life greatly remain a mystery to this day. This could be because of the shortness of his term or the chaotic, ever chhanging political climate of the Dominican Republlic at the time. Whatever the reason, a significant portion of Eladio Victoria’s life, including all of the personal details, can only be left to speculation.

One thing we do know for certain is that Eladio Victoria was born. Bani, the capital town of the Peravia Province, was where his life began on July 30, 1864. The region is far more well known for its exports of coffee and bananas than for having accomidated the birth of this short term leader. After his birth, it is tough to say what his personal and home life were like. There is nothing known about what careers he held or interests he persued. We do know that the family he was born into would later push him into politics.

Life as President
The brief presidency of Eladio Victoria was secured by his nephew, General Alfredo M. Victoria. After former President Ramon Caceres and his assassin General Luis Tejera were both executed, there was a clear lack of leadership. The dominant military role was given to General Alfredo Victoria. Seizing the opportunity of control during a time of panic and uncertainty, the general quickly decided that he would need allies. After speaking to, and some say bribing congress, the presidency was given to his uncle, Eladio. He assumed power on February 27, 1912 but his term was short lived.

It wasn’t long before people became unhappy with the military and political state of their country. People were upset by the illegitimacy of the choice for president. It was not long before former president at the time, Horacio Vasquez, returned from exile to lead his followers in a revolt against the current system. By December of 1912, there was civil war in the Dominican Republic.

Life After President
His term less than a full year so not much else is known. The Americans quickly arrived in an effort to re-establish order and peace to the country. By that time, Eladio had already resigned and left his brief presidential placeholding position. His term officially ended in November of 1912 when he was replaced by the next president in a long line of political overturn and unrest. Where he went, who he left with, and how he spent the rest of his days also remains unknown. It seems that much is unknown about him because his leadership lacked authority or any real participation. Eladio Victoria died in 1939 at the age of 74 as bizarre historical footnote during a temoltuous time in Dominican history.