Life and History of Dominican President Juan Bosch

Juan Bosch is the first elected president of the Dominican Republic, and he known to this day as someone who was completely honest in his rule of the country. He was deposed when there was a revolution, and there were many military men put in his place over the next 25 years. He was sent into exile, and he returned to become the first person to win an election democratically in the DR.

Before President

Juan Boach is actually of Catalan and Puerto Rican descent. He was born to parents who wanted to live in the DR, and he stayed in Santo Domingo for most of his life. He was married and had children before he came to power, but he was deposed in a military revolution that saw him jailed briefly. He was able to leave the country when the military released him, and he moved to Puerto Rico to stay away from the dictators who lived on the island. He stayed away until he was able to return for the first democratic election.

As President

Juan Bosch returned to the Dominican Republic in 1991 after the military regime fell. He was already an old man, but he was quickly elected the first democratic president of the country. He led the country for one term as president, and he left the world of politics in 1994 because he was already quite an old man. He was the person who led the DR into democracy, and he was given the honor that was simply not afforded to people who led the country under military. Juan Bosch is considered the modern father of democracy in the DR, and he is the only person to be the president of that country twice.

Juan Bosch ran a country that did not rely on the military, and he made sure that he had the military on a short leash. He did not allow the military to overstep its bounds, and he maintained throughout all his reign that the military would not abuse the populous. He was able to escape the military, and he returned to enact the same policies that got him deposed in the first place. He is likely the strongest leader in that region of the world.

After Being President

Juan Bosch retired from political life in his 80s, and he retired to a quiet lifestyle that allowed him to hide from the cameras. He passed away in 2001, but he was given a state funeral that was fit for a king. This is an honor that has only been reserved for a few people, and his rule is still remembered by people as one of the best things about the country. The Dominican Republic prospered under his rule, and the country managed to remain strong even after he was exiled. He came back to save the people in the DR, and he was able to enact reforms that made the country even more fruitful than before because of his steadfast leadership.