Life and History of Dominican President Antonio Imbert Barrera

Antonio Imbert Barrera

Antonio Imbert Barrera was born in December 3, 1920 in San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and became the 44th president of the Dominican Republic on May 7, 1965. He was born a Roman Catholic, and his profession prior to becoming president was an Army Major General. He has a neice (Carmen Imbert Brugal) and a paternal grandfather (Segundo Imbert). Barrara has four children (Antonio, Leslie, Oscar, and Manuel). He had multiple spouses (Giralda Sanchez, Guarina Hurtado, and Maria Sanchez). Barrera was one of the rival rules of the Dominican Republic during the Dominican Civil War, which occurred in the same year. However, his presidency lasted for a short time, since he was only in office for nearly four months. As of now, Antonio Imbert Barrera is 94 years of age.

Life Before Being President

Prior to becoming president, Antonio was a governor of Puerto Plata in 1940. Unfortunately, he was kicked out of office by the dictator Rafael Trujillo. The reason why he was kicked out of office was because he sent a telegram to Trujillo and informed him of the names of the survivors of the Luperon invasion. This caused a rift between Trujillo and Barrera, and this prompted Barrera to plan for Trujillo’s murder. In 1961, Trujillo was ambushed in his car and was gunned down by Barrera and Barrera’s followers (Antonio de la Maza, Salvador Sahdala, and Amado Guerrero). Barrera’s followers were captured and were later put to death, with the exception of Luis Tio and Barrera himself (who went into hiding until December 2, a day for his birthday).

Life as President

Antonio Imbert Barrera received universal praise from the public and was seen as a national hero for the assassination of Trujillo. The acclaim he received helped him become president. He had succeeded the role from Pedro Benoit, who was only president for less than a week. During his presidency, he led a faction that fought against Colonel Francisco Caamano. The reason for this is because Francisco Caamano wanted to bring back Joan Bosch into presidency. Barrera’s faction (Government of National Reconstruction) was supported by the US troops inspectors. Furthermore, he was also able to sign a peace treaty which signified the end of the Dominican Civil War.

Life After being President

Not much is known of Antonio’s life after he was succeeded from presidency by Hector Garcia. There is no information regarding his personal life after his presidency. There is also no description information about his family members. All that is known is that Antonio was the victim of an assassination attempt. The assassination attempt occurred in March 21, 1967. He was traveling with Marino Garcia when he was shot by one of Trujillo’s supporters. Miraculously, Antonio survived. In fact, Antonio managed to drive himself to the hospital and made a full recovery.