Life and History of Dominican President Manuel de Jesus Troncoso de la Concha

Manuel de Jesus Troncos de la Concha was born on April 3 1878 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to Baldomera de la Concha and Jesus Maria Troncoso. Manuel de Jesus attended the Conciliar Seminary of St. Thomas Aquinas for his higher education graduating in November 25, 1895 with a bachelor of philosophy. He went on to start a law firm and later worked in several ministerial positions before becoming president of the Dominican Republic. He also held other leadership roles after the presidency in addition to writing several books.

Life Before Being President
Before becoming the president of the Dominican Republic, Manuel de Jesus served as an attorney starting from the year 1899. Between 1899-1911, he served as the publisher and editor in chief of Diario Listin newspaper before serving at the district court of San Domingo. In 1904, he was appointed by the University of San Domingo that had initially awarded him an honorary doctorate, to serve as a professor in the department of philosophy.

He also established a law firm called Troncoso before joining the law faculty of the University of San Domingo and at times serving as a rector for the same institution. By that period, he had already established his political career serving as a minister of justice and public administration as well as construction and communication. In June 1938, he became the vice president before becoming president in March 7, 1940 after the demise of Peynado.

Life as President
Manuel de Jesus became the president of the Dominican Republic when the Trujillo- Hull treaty was approaching its end. In 1924, the modified treaty was agreed on with the United States convention for custom collection. As the president of the Dominican Republic, Manuel de Jesus continued with the work he had begun in the various ministries he had previously served. First, he appointed Rafeal Trujillo as the new secretary of war as well as the secretary of the navy. Rafael Trujillo was appointed to above positions on May 17, 1942 after the resignation of Hector Trujillo on legal basis. The term of Manuel de Jesus as the president of the Dominican Republic lasted for a period of two years before Trujillo became the president for the second time.

Life after being President
After his presidency, Manuel de Jesus was appointed the president of the senate, a position he accepted until 1955. In 1946, he published a book titled Narraciones Dominicas that was a collection of most of his important stories that included El misterio de Don Marcelino and La Virgen. He also produced other works such as Elementos de Derecho Administrativo Dominicano, La Ocupacion de Santo Domingo por Haiti, and La Genesis de al Convencion Dominico- Americana. Manuel de Jesus had a prolific writing career before he become the president and long after leaving the presidency, he continued with his passion of writing. In 1944, he co founded the Dominican Academy of History and served as its president. Between 1943 and 1946 he served under Trujillo as the secretary of the treasury. Manuel de Jesus Troncoso de la Concha died on May 30, 1955.