Life and History of Dominican President Pedro Bartolome

Pedro Bartolome is one of the most interesting people in the history of the country of the Dominican Republic. The country only takes up one part of Hispanola island, but has had a tortured history that has scars all over it. Pedro Bartolome is just one of the presidents who came out of the revolution in the 60s, and he is an interesting figure who was only in power for a moment, but his rule was interesting because of where he came from.


The lifestyle of most people in the Dominican Republic is not wonderful, and the only people who escape seem to be baseball players. Bartolome was drawn to the military, and he rose through the tanks quickly to become one of the leaders of the nation’a military. A revolution that put the military in power in the 60s saw him rise to the ruling party’s leadership, and he was a member of a council that led the country for a few hours before the country had a new president installed. While Bartolome was not the president for very long, he was the person who helped bridge the gap between the revolution and the new government. That government is in control of the country to this day, and he was the person who prevented the country from descending into chaos as the country changed hands.


His reign was so very short that there is no reason to try to dissect what he did. Bartolome sat on a council that prevented the country from falling apart, and he helped guide the other military men who were carving up the country in the wake of a revolution. This is a big job, and it is a job that should be taken seriously. He was someone who helped to prevent yet another war in the western hemisphere, and he probably prevented the DR from becoming another Cuba.


Bartolome was in the highest ranks of the government until his retirement, but he remained close to the people who came to power in the years after the revolution. Bartolome was one of the wise men who was able to help build up the DR into a stronger country that was made for the people. The loss of the old government want a benefit for the people, and Bartolome helped to advise a government that was installed to help the people of the country to live on after what was a scary revolution.

Pedro Bartolome was only in power for a few hours, but he is still a part of the history of a country that has been up and down many times over. There are several reasons why he is an important figure in the history of the DR, but he is most known because he helped keep the country stable when he knew that even one step would have been disastrous for the people of his nation. He is to be thanked for his wisdom and grace under the pressure of war.