Life and History of Dominican President Salvador Jorge Blanco

Salvador Jorge Blanco

The Dominican Republic is a country located in the Caribbean Ocean. Salvador Jorge Blanco was president of The Dominican Republic during the 1980s. Many citizens of The Dominican Republic still continue to hold him in very high regard, and he is even seen by some people as among the best Dominican Republic politicians. He was also a lawyer, and he has worked as a writer. Unfortunately, he passed away several years ago from a head injury he sustained from falling off his bed.

Salvador Jorge Blanco Prior To Becoming President:

He was born in Santiago, in the Dominican Republic on July 5th, 1926. He went to a local school for his lower level schooling. The name of the school he went to first was The Academy of Santa Anna. He then went to another school for higher education. While he studied there, he remained in his hometown. After graduation from this school, he attended college in the Dominican Republic at The Autonomous University Of Santo Domingo. In 1950, he graduated from college. This was when he began to start his career. Although he went to college as a lawyer, he dreamed of becoming a politician. After briefly living in Spain, he began getting involved in politically active organizations in his country. After several years of involvement in these organizations, he entered the political arena in 1964. This led him on the path to becoming President of The Dominican Republic.

Salvador Jorge Blanco’s Presidency:

He was elected as the 48th president of the country. Prior to his presidency, there were problems in the Dominican Republic with state resources being used inappropriately. Numerous people in the country were hoping that he would put an end to these problems during his term. He created a plan that was aimed at helping the economy of the country during 1984. However, this program did not go well. The economy actually suffered as a result of this program. This created a large number of very angry citizens. Some people actually began to violently rebel against the state, as a result of this. Then, Salvador Jorge Blanco was accused of being corrupt. Due to these accusations, the president immediately had to leave office during 1986.

Salvador Jorge Blanco After Being President:

However, his accusations caused him to need to do more than step down. An arrest warrant was issued for him. In a desperate attempt to avoid facing legal penalties, he feigned serious illness. After this, he began searching for countries that he could flee to. This effort ultimately brought him into the US for a time. However, he did not evade being charged. In 1988, he found himself in court. This trial ended with him being given an extremely hefty amount of jail time. His sentence was a staggering twenty three years behind bars! However, it was later determined that he was actually innocent on the charges! He had actually been a victim of a plot from another politician named Balaguer. He was not declared innocent until 2001. However, after he was declared innocent, his wife died six years later. Then, three years after that, he fell out of bed. He suffered a severe head injury during the fall, which killed him.